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Higher Security Lock Guide

On my everyday routine as a mobile locksmith I come across every kind of shoppers. A number of people phone us for unexpected emergency provider since they both locked them selves out or dropped their keys whilst other people contact simply because they simply moved right into a new house and need to exchange their locks. But these days we now have been getting "educated" customers. I say "educated" due to the fact you will find a number of items that one should discover ahead of replacing their locks, because a lock is actually a generic term just as a car is. You do not just get any car, you choose a vehicle following finding out which has great value and matches your requirements. Exactly the same must be with all the lock with your front doorway which safeguards you, your valuables and your family and friends too.


In 95% from the moments I see a customer, I am not amazed to view they have exactly the same "standard" locks as practically everybody has on their house. These locks are created from the most affordable substance; some are even created of plastic! These locks are frequently purchased on the huge components suppliers for as tiny as $5 each. As an unexpected emergency locksmith this can be wonderful, I haven't got any issues at all unlocking any customer's door. How about a burglar? Does he have it simple as well? The solution is a funds Of course!

This is where high security locks play a roll. The high stability brand we provide right here at a & A is Mul-T-Lock. This brand name carries a solid reputation for over three decades now and provides the best stability for any house or business owner. So what's so special about these locks? Well for starters the build quality is exceptional; they are created of solid brass rather than hollow tin like your standard common lock. The deadbolt which is a single from the most popular products we sell has a bolt which retracts a complete inch within your doorway frame. In addition this bolt has ball bearings on both sides of it which interlock using the frame, making it difficult to pry open even with a crow bar. There are steel inserts placed strategically to prevent from drilling the lock. The entire mechanism is shielded with a metal cover to prevent "ice picking"; this really is when 1 would insert an object between the lock and the door to manipulate the mechanism. This lock is virtually impossible to pick, and even if possible, fantastic skill and very special tools would be required.

One of the most important features these substantial security locks provide is that they are resistant to the infamous bump key. Whilst most common locks can be picked and bump keyed quite easily, these locks will defy such attempts. The cylinders have telescopic pins rather than regular pins; this means every single pin is actually two pins, a single within another.

Another special feature is of course the keys for these high safety locks. The keys can only be duplicated by the owner from the lock. When you purchase a large safety lock you will receive a special card which reminds a bit of a credit card. You will sign your signature on the back of this card and from that point on, making copies of your key will only be produced by you although presenting this card along with a photo ID to an authorized dealer. What this means is key control. You can feel safe giving your babysitter or maid a key and knowing that once they return your key, you can rest assure that no unauthorized copies are already produced. You can sleep nicely knowing that there are no copies of your keys floating around. That is also excellent for business owners who desire to make sure only they've the keys to their store or office.

The variety of locks and cylinders allow us to provide you this substantial stability solution to pretty much any set up you may have, in other words we can retrofit a lot of unique lock mechanisms with a large security cylinder.

Last but not least, these locks do arrive with a lifetime mechanical warranty which just shows how sure the manufacturer is in the reliability of their products. As far as pricing, these locks are without a doubt much more expensive than your common lock, but then again most common locks don't really provide much stability both. If someone is really determined to break into your property they will succeed, but keep in mind that most break ins are not by professionals and are frequently random. Statistics say that most common burglars will move on if they can't break in within less than 2 minutes. For those of you who are saying "well, I have an alarm system", keep in mind that having an alarm system is only very good if desire to make an insurance claim for your stolen goods; An alarm system won't help protect you and your loved ones, good protection begins with a great lock.
To sum it all up, higher security locks supply the following:

- Exceptional build quality

- Can resist most forced entry attacks

- Will resist any attempt at lock picking

- Virtually Bump Proof

- Key Control - Only you can authorize copies of your key

- Flexibility - Variety of cylinders that can be fitted into most lock mechanisms

- Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
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